Andressa Furletti

Multidisciplinary Artist

Originally from Brazil, Andressa Furletti is a multidisciplinary artist based in New York. She is the co-founder and artistic director of Group .BR, NY’s only Brazilian theater company ( Her artistic works include stage and film acting, performance art, art installation, photography, and filmmaking. Her inspiration comes from her degrees in Biology, Filmmaking, the acting conservatory training at Stella Adler Studio and many workshops and intensives such as the Mitu Thailand Artist Intensive in Bangkok and the Watermill International Summer Program (2011/2012) coordinated by Robert Wilson. Andressa received several awards including Best Multimedia Show at the United Solo Festival in New York for her debut solo theater show free•dom - a solo of many people, the Outstanding Community Service Award from the Brazilian Community Heritage Foundation, 5 awards in international film festivals for Separation Sonnet,  nine nominations for her performances and artistic creations and the Best Actress Award (2017) from the Brazilian International Press Awards. 


Andressa's main recent works include the play Inside the Wild Heart, an immersive theatrical experience based on the works of Clarice Lispector that premiered in NYC in 2016, had a second run in 2018, and online streaming on 2020/21, the performance Yes, All Women about the alarming number of women that have suffered some kind of sexual assault also presented in NYC, the performance #TakeASelfieOnMe, performed in 9 different cities throughout the globe including Paris, Berlin, New York, Amsterdam, Rio de Janeiro and at Burning Man, the shot films That Smell of Roasted Pork by Modesto Lacén and Vislumbres by Regina Miranda, the play Metanóia presented as part of the Downtown Live festival in New York in 2021 and the video art series Gaia Viva being sold as NFTs and with a project of becoming an immersive installation in the New York.

Theater (Partial)

As Plebéias

Linha Cruzada (Skit)


Kin (Neutral Mask)

Consumption (Physical Theater)

As You Like It

Angels in America – Part II

The Way of The World

[The] Ophelia Landscape (Physical Theater)

The Serpent  (Physical Theater)

free•dom – a solo of many people  (Physical Theater)

Infinite While It Lasts  (Physical Theater)

Apple Of My Eye

Yes, Yes, Always

Inside the Wild Heart

Inside the Wild Heart








Hannah, Ethel (et al)

Mrs. Fainall

Ensemble cast









Patricia Carvalho - Brazil

Fábio Porchat - Brazil

Roberto Alvim - Brazil

Regina Gibson/Stella Adler Studio - NY

Jena Necrason/Stella Adler Studio - NY

Mike Grenhan/Stella Adler Studio - NY

Jenny Lord/Stella Adler Studio -NY

Steve Cook/Stella Adler Studio -NY

Naum Panovski/Mark Morris Studio - NY

Debora Balardini/Teatro LaTea - NY

Steve Cook/Theater Row - NY

Debora Balardini/Nublu - NY

Debora Balardini/Teatro Circulo – NY/

Shaun Irons and Lauren Petty/ Abrons Center - NY

Regina Miranda/Immersive Gallery - NY

Linda Wise/Aich Studio - NY

Jonathan Hart/Site Specific for Downtown Live - NY


Film and Video (Partial)

Maria, Ana Maria, Mariana 


Nunca Mais Vi Érica 

It Takes Two 

Come Home 

Knight and She


The Inmate

That Smell of Pork Roast 

Proibido Proibir (Forbidden to Forbid)

Desiquilibrium (Movement Film)

That Smell of Rosted Pork











Alice -Supporting




Paulo Halm

Marcio Mattos

Lizandro Nunes

Ljiliana Novakovich

Jonathan Clarke

Sarah Murad

Jaime Puerta

Jaime Puerta

Modesto Lacen

Jorge Duran

Livia Sá

Modesto Lacén

Regina Miranda

Performance Art

Insert Control Deck


You Felt It – Part One

You Felt It – Part Two



Yes, All Women

Banho de Descarrego ​- an Antisfascit Performance

By Outspoken Bean

By Andressa Furletti

By Andressa Furletti

By Andressa Furletti

By Andressa Furletti

By Shandoah Goldman

By Andressa Furletti

By Marcelo Denny and  Marcos Bulhões

Watermill Center – NY - 2011

Watermill Center – NY - 2012

Gallery 151 – NY 2012

Spring Break LIC – performance event

USA, Germany, France, Netherlads, Iceland, and Brazil

Pioneer Works - NY

Street performance - NY

Street performance - NY


Biology Bachelors at UFMG – Brazil 2001

Filmmaking School UGF/RJ - Brazil 2004

Stella Adler Studio Conservatory - NY 2009

Theater Mitu Physical Theater Intensive - Thailand 2008

Physical Theater Intensive at Stella Adler -  NY 2008

Ron Burrus Acting for Film Intensive - LA 2009

Labyrinth Master Class - NY 2011

Butoh with Akira Kasai – NY 2011

International Summer Program at Watermill Center - NY 2011 and 2012

Choreographic Theater with Enrique Pardo and Linda Weiss  – NY 2012 and Paris 2014

Master Class with Mario Biagini from the The Workcenter of Jerzy Grotowski – 2015

Physical theater Master Class with Thi Mai Nguyen from Compagnie du Hanneton – 2015

Butoh Master Class with Semimaru from Sankai Juku – 2015

Arts Administration Certificate at NYU (ongoing)

Special Skills: Bachelor in Biology (Genetics), video editing, filmmaking, drive stick shift and automatic, Horseback Riding, Horse Jumping, Brazilian dances, neutral mask, snow board, ski, singing, Portuguese (fluent), English (fluent), Brazilian accent, durational performance, intermediate hula hoop, basic energy healing, basic sewing skills, pandeiro (Brazilian frame drum) and movement meditation facilitator.

I use different types of media to express my ideas such as film, theatre, performance art, photography, and visual arts. As an artist, I’m interested in things our eyes can’t see; patterns, feelings, hidden messages, micro and macro universes. I look for a way of making them visible by using symbols and metaphors instead of telling a realistic story.

In Brazil, I started to develop works that are independent of words to convey an idea using body movement as a form of language. The transition to performance art was inevitable after being a two times participant of the Watermill Summer Program coordinated by the multi-artist Robert Wilson.

Because of my strong background in Theatre and Film, my work has a dramatic element to it and often includes multimedia and because of my Biology degree, my creative process usually starts from a biological point of view, from instinct and animal behaviors to molecular biology. I also draw inspiration from Eastern concepts, mythology, and psychology.

My work usually responds to contemporary social issues. I try to go to the core aspects of those issues and present them as a form of discussion. I like to offer the facts so the audience can formulate their questions and think about the answers. I don’t want to fill the gaps, I want the audience to fill them with whatever resonates with them.

Based in New York


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