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Gaia Viva

Gaia Viva

GAIA - Personification of EARTH in Greek mythology.


VIVA - Alive in Portuguese with a feminine pronoun.




I like to think it is and we're just part of it, therefore we must remain in balance and make conscious choices. I considered the environment to choose to offer my art on the Tezos blockchain because of the huge energy consumption on Ethereum. To complete my statement I'm donating 22% of the sales of the Gaia Viva Series to these environment protection organizations: Plastic Pollution Coalition,

Amazon Forest Fund by Earth AllianceCoral Restoration Foundation, Rainforest Foundation US.


Read the artist's statement about the Gaia Viva series

Gaia Viva #11
Gaia Viva #10
Gaia Viva #09
Gaia Viva #08
Gaia Viva #07
Gaia Viva #06
Gaia Viva #05
Gaia Viva #04
Chained Heart

Within the depths of the emotionally turbulent year of 2022, amidst the delicate dance of love and uncertainty, a profound exploration of the human heart took shape. "Chained Heart", an art collection born from the creative crucible of the artist's struggle, encapsulates the conflicting emotions that entangled her very being.


In the artist's exhausted state of mind, weary from the restless nights of contemplation, she turned to the realm of AI technology. Engaging with the AI-driven tool known as Midjourney, they harnessed its creative potential to give form to the profound dichotomy she experienced.


At the core of this introspective journey lies a captivating image: a heart interwoven with chains and padlocks. This emblematic portrayal weaves together the contrasting roles of these objects, symbolizing the paradoxical nature of relationships. 


The chains and padlocks, once instruments of safeguarding and preservation, now take on an unexpected role. They become instruments of captivity, forging a prison around the heart.They embody the heart's longing for protection, companionship, and the love that was once cherished while also representing captivity and torture,  sealing the heart's desires and confining its true essence. Amidst this intermingling, moments of doubt, fear, anxiety, and depression cast shadows upon the memories of serenity. 


Within this intertwining of roles, moments of joy, companionship, and love become entangled with doubt, fear, anxiety, and depression, casting shadows upon the once serene landscape and affection that were once shared. It is a poignant reflection on the delicate balance between safeguarding the heart and the potential entrapment it may endure.


The marriage of metal and vulnerability within this visual representation invokes a profound reflection on the choices we make to protect ourselves and those we love. Is it an act of preservation or a self-inflicted restraint?


"Chained Heart" invites viewers to delve into the depths of their own emotional landscapes, encouraging introspection and contemplation. As one encounters each artwork within the collection, they are invited to reflect upon their own relationships, probing the boundaries between protection and captivity, and ultimately confronting the timeless questions: How do we navigate the delicate balance between the heart's desires and its need for shelter? How do we know if we are safeguarding our heart or keeping it hostage? 


With every output of the AI's intricate algorithms, the collection breathes life into the raw and complex human experience. "Chained Heart" offers an opportunity to embark on a profound exploration, seeking understanding, empathy, and perhaps even a glimmer of solace within the enigmatic depths of the human heart.



Resilience Flowers



The pictures used to create the pieces in the Resilience Flowers collection were taken in Minas Gerais State, Brazil. This place has a type of vegetation called Cerrado, the biologically richest savanna in the world. One of its notorious characteristics is its relationship with fire. Wildfires are important to maintain and shape the landscape of Cerrado, and many plants are fire-adapted.


The pictures were taken a few months after a fire swept the area and show not just the resilience of this biome but also its ability to regenerate.


In "Resilience Flower", I invite you to connect with your resilience and remember that recommencing is always an option. From adversities, flowers can be born.