Gaia Viva


GAIA - Personification of EARTH in Greek mythology.


VIVA - Alive in Portuguese with a feminine pronoun.




I like to think it is and we're just part of it, therefore we must remain in balance and make conscious choices. I considered the environment to choose to offer my art on the Tezos blockchain because of the huge energy consumption on Ethereum. To complete my statement I'm donating 22% of the sales of the Gaia Viva Series to these environment protection organizations: Plastic Pollution Coalition,

Amazon Forest Fund by Earth AllianceCoral Restoration Foundation, Rainforest Foundation US.


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            RESTART                                    REBIRTH                                     REGENERATE

                                    RESUME                                      RESTORE                                       RENEW

   RECOMMENCE                          REINSTATE                                        REOPEN



The pictures used to create the pieces in the series Resilience Flowers were taken in Minas Gerais State, Brazil. This place has a type of vegetation called Cerrado, the biologically richest savanna in the world. One of its notorious characteristics is its relationship with fire. Wildfires are important to maintain and shape the landscape of Cerrado, and many plants are fire-adapted.


The pictures were taken a few months after a fire swept the area and show not just the resilience of this biome but also its ability to regenerate.


In "Resilience Flower in Pink", I invite you to connect with your resilience and remember that recommencing is always an option. From adversities, flowers can be born.


And I fly_______


The base photograph for the "And I Fly_______" was taken in Iceland and it shows an Arctic Tern, famous for its record-setting migration—the longest of any animal in the world. Annually making the journey from the Arctic Circle to the Antarctic Circle. They see two summers each year as it migrates along a convoluted route from its northern breeding grounds to the Antarctic coast for the southern summer and back again about six months later. Recent studies have shown average annual roundtrip lengths of about 70,900 km (44,100 mi) for birds nesting in Iceland and Greenland and about 90,000 km (56,000 mi) for birds nesting in the Netherlands.

With a life span between 15 and 30 years, the Arctic Tern flies in his life the equivalent of three round trips to the Moon. 

With this piece, I celebrate the resilience of immigrants, who face all sorts of difficulties to seek a better life for them and their families. 

20% of the sales of pieces on the And I Fly_______ series will be donated to selected organizations fighting for immigration justice. 


Breathing Mandala


Breathin Mandala is a series to raise awareness about mental health and remind you to breathe. Use the movement and the sound to guide you and synch your breath to ground yourself in the present moment. 


yes, all women

Yes All Women is a durational performance inspired by my own and others stories about how we feel when facing sexual harassment and or abuse. The project started with a photo series study in collaboration with Monsterrat Vargas and it was inspired by the hashtag and social media campaign #YesAllWomen in which users share examples or stories of misogyny and violence against women. First used in online conversations about misogyny following the 2014 Isla Vista killings, the hashtag was popular in May 2014, and was created partly in response to the Twitter hashtag #NotAllMen. #YesAllWomen reflected a grassroots campaign in which women shared their personal stories about harassment and discrimination. The campaign attempted to raise awareness of sexism that womenexperience, often from people they know. In 2016 the photo series study became a durational performance and in 2017 it got a new photo shoot by Rizza Bomfim.

Yes, All Women
Yes, All Women 4
Yes, All Women
Yes, All Women