Andressa Furletti is the co-founder an artistic director of Group .BR, New York’s only Brazilian Theater company. The company's mission is to present Brazilian culture in New York through the performing arts. Since language is an important part of a country's culture, our plays are performed in Portuguese with English subtitles and may have scenes in English when subtitles are not present. With that the company an opportunity to the audience to artistically connect with the language and enjoy it's worth and musicality. Group .BR blends physical theater, dance, visual arts, multimedia and music. To learn more visit

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#TakeASelfieOnMe is a durational performance created and performed by Andressa Furletti. It is inspired by the social phenomenon of ‘selfies’. The costume of is made in a way that it doesn’t matter the angle you take a picture of it, you’ll be reflected somewhere, consciously or not, transforming the picture into “selfie”. The round and irregular reflective surfaces always distort the images. As the performer moves in a very slow and nearly continuous movement, she gives the audience different reflections of themselves and of the environment. This performance has been seen in New York (USA), Paris (France), Berlin (Germany), Rio De Janeiro (Brazil), Belo Horizonte (Brazil), Ouro Preto (Brazil), Miami (USA) and at Burning Man 2015.



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a solo of many people

free•dom – a solo of many people is a solo physical theater and multimedia play created and performed by Andressa Furletti with interactive technology by Frieder Weiss. It was presented at the United Solo Festival in 2013 and awarded Best Multimedia Show. The show is being revamped and will soon be ready to be presented to the public.

Directed by Steve Cook, the play addresses those moments of resistance we all have on moments of creative inspiration. It speaks not only to artists, as the creative process can be a metaphor on how we express ourselves in life. To take this exploration to the stage, Andressa broke down her own creative process and embodied her own creativity in a character called Crea. The character goes on a journey on what happens from the birth of the idea to its realization.




yes, all women

Yes All Women is a durational performance inspired by my own and others stories about how we feel when facing sexual harassment and or abuse. The project started with a photo series study in collaboration with Monsterrat Vargas and it was inspired by the hashtag and social media campaign #YesAllWomen in which users share examples or stories of misogyny and violence against women. First used in online conversations about misogyny following the 2014 Isla Vista killings, the hashtag was popular in May 2014, and was created partly in response to the Twitter hashtag #NotAllMen. #YesAllWomen reflected a grassroots campaign in which women shared their personal stories about harassment and discrimination. The campaign attempted to raise awareness of sexism that womenexperience, often from people they know. In 2016 the photo series study became a durational performance and in 2017 it got a new photo shoot by Rizza Bomfim.



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based in New york